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great application

Thank you for this great application

Thank you so much for this amazing App.

God bless you!

Super cool

So good fun and easy to use it reads the bible for you in clear good fluent English

This is the best app for reading the bible (audio)

This is truly a great app with good audio voices

Thank you

It is amazing how the Lord has made it so easy to know Him through His Word. Thank you creators for doing Gods work. I am blessed for having this app at my fingertips. Its so easy to work!

Excellent app.

Very good app.

Great, one my favorite app!!

Its great. Any time, anywhere I can read and listen the bible!! Thanks


I love 2 hear the english bible. Thank U 4 this nice App. Danke!


I really loved that app. Well I did once. The reading plan was awesome. You could listen to the whole bible. Now that they updated it ... Its all gone. It was perfect the way it was they just made it worse! I am so angry right now.

Very good

An excellent way of spreading the gospel. I find it very good. God bless you.


To God be the glory!

Top App.

Easy to use, accurate, and blessing everyone that like to know more about Gods words. Jesus bless u

Very Good

Keep up the good idea.

Excellent work

Great and excellent work,be blessed !

Crashes + Workaround

Crashes every time, if system language for the device is German! Does not work on Ipad 3 with Ios 6.1.2 and also with IOS 7.0.4 on Iphone 5. Sorry. Workaround: Change system language to English. Start app. Choose app settings from within the app. Choose English here. Load your bible versions. Restore system language back to German. Now it should work fine.

Well done!

So far, I like this app. Its well done, easy to manage, many languages. Unfortunately, there is not one German version with audio. That was disappointing. The English version, however, is well dramatized, interesting to listen to. Can recommend this app.


Im impressed. Very nice app!!

Awesome App. Nice Work!

Love it completely Use it often and be blessed! Thank you!

Why I have to login for own notices?

My own notices and remarks in connection to the holy bible are very personal. So I am really not interested for using such function that needs a login to This sounds like spying à la KGB, NSA or CIA by clerical organizations?!


Wonderful application ever.

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